Re: Longevity and immortality in Glorantha

From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_TlKHbD9Oz5wakibcYuczIh1RMWwUA_CG5WSlCpNfiBPYkGl5z_j0vDGKGU9lKGmMZhG>
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2008 19:50:40 +1200

>The Vampire Kings of Tanisor (Dawn Age) or Ramalia (post-Second Age)
>appear to have avoided the "own offspring" clause by a form of

The Vampire Kings didn't live long enough to have issues of age avoidance - they were too busy with the problem of Arkat avoidance.

--Peter Metcalfe            

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