Re: Naively looking for "Pavic Tales"

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_Klxm5Z47GKd_fDaZgeKgl2SI1A0L4YFXO48mhH9yTMzz1HELRXDtSO3EYfvYV3vd-2S_>
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 09:29:27 -0000

> I'm looking for the old "Pavic Tales" fanzines. Is there any chance
> someone has got them? I'm not trying to get hold of them as a
> collectionist, I'm just curious. I'm running a Pavis campaign and I
> would like to take a look at the scenarios, so if someone has them in
> PDF and were willing to share them...

Pavis is a wonderful location for games. As a preview for the Pavis Book, we've played around with the numbers of dedicated worshipers in New Pavis and have come up with these numbers:

Major Cults
Orlanth: 500 (with another 3500-4000 throughout Pavis County) Ernalda: 700 (with another 3500-4000 throughout Pavis County) Yelmalio: 200
Zola Fel: 200 (with another 1000 throughout Pavis County) Pavis: 200 (with another 500 in the Rubble) Seven Mothers and the Red Goddess: 300 (with another 750 from the Lunar Garrison)
Urvairanus (Dara Happan war cult): 250 (all Marble Phalanx) Ipharia (Syllilan war cult): 250 (all Silver Shields)

Speciality Cults
Lhankor Mhy: 30-50
Issaries: 30-50
Chalana Arroy: 30-50
Humakt: 30-50
Storm Bull: 40-60 (many with connections to the tribes of Prax) Vinga (Orlanth subcult): 30-50
Flintnail: 30-50 (not including the dwarfs) Lokarnos: 10-15
Lanbril: 15-30
Various other lesser cults: 25-45 (with another 200-300 in the Rubble)

Other Cults:
Black Fang: 50 (with another 200 in the Rubble)

Helps give a sense of proportion, I think.


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