Re: Gloranthan goblins

From: Oliver D. Bernuetz <bernuetz_at_ndjfPrqO0mbrSzlfGLDztwINfx8Bvg0v5iNKNLkpp4ypkfIDslK0v4uh_Fss_RtmxEt>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 17:18:40 -0000

I'd go for a creepy horror motif. Figures lurking in the darkness. Scittering around, seen from the corner of your eye. That sort of thing. For an extra oomph say they love eating eyes and have a NPC loss his/her eyes to the goblins. Maybe they can keep the eyes and use them to look out of the empty eye sockets. That'd be creepy.

Good horror op for Glorantha if that's your cup of tea.


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