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>Is the alloying [bronze] a magical operation (a renactment of the
>mating of Earth and SKy) ?


>Elder Secrets states that runemetals are the bones of godlings
>killed before Dawn.
>This is a Thesit point of view.

It is a gloranthan point of view. When Elder Secrets was written, godlings did not just refer to the HQ Theists. In particular, the sorcerous mostali are closely associated with metals while the copper warriors were animist servants of Genert.

>What may be the Sorcerous, Animist and Mystic point of view ?

The Malkioni would say that metal is a natural form of matter (just like stone, plant, animals and humans) and that its appearance in the Cosmos is a form of natural creation. The pure metals are the elemental metals (ie gold, lead, quicksilver, copper) and principle metals (adamant, silver, iron, tin etc). Then you have the degenerate metals (gold gives tin and "zinc", copper gives "arsenic") and then the alloys (brass, bronze, electrum, arsenical bronze). Further transformations which can be duplicated alchemically give rise to the various rocks and precious stones that can be found in the world.

Pretty much everybody else will have myths that are consistent with the Malkioni version except for differences here and there (just like the monomyth).

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