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> Three Questions raised:
> 1.Did 2nd Age God Learners acknowledge Hrestol as their prophet?
> (There is no mention in Abiding Book about Hrestol and Joy.)
> MRQ setting said YES. But I said Greg's current idea MIGHT NOT BE.

As far as I know, they did - or at least didn't regard him as a raving heretic. The Irensavelites they certainly didn't like, but not all Hrestoli are Irensavelite.

> Its Jrusteli supporters are fundamentalists of Abiding Book.
> Might some religious fanatics have considered blasphemy using "that
is not
> on the Book"?

It's always possible that some of them did. OTOH, I don't think the Abiding Book specifically condemns Hrestol, either, which leaves the door open to interpretation. One might compare it with the Islamic notion of actions being mandatory, recommended, allowed, or forbidden. Hrestol would fit in that third category of 'allowed', which, in Islam, mainly refers to things the Koran has no opinion on either way. They don't *like* it, but they won't go out of their way to stop it.

With respect to Joy, the God Learner attitude may have been that it was a method of communing with Ferbrith (that is, the God of the Second Action). As such, it would be tolerable, but obviously not as good as properly following Makan, whose revelations in the Abiding Book superseded the previous knowledge of Ferbrith. So long as you don't go around saying you know better than the Abiding Book, they'll put up with you following some old prophet whose work was the best there was in his time, but has since been replaced by something better.

> 2.Rokari tried to return the older, "more ideal" state of Malkionism
> God Learners.
> But what is their "ideal" historical stage before Middle Sea Empire?
> What most confuses us is that they don't acknowledge Hrestol as a

That's true; from their perspective, Hrestol mucked it all up. They probably think the God Learners didn't condemn him enough.

> Possibilities are:
> 1) Time of Malkion before he exiled to Malkionwal?
> 2) Time of Malkion after he exiled to Malkionwal and died in 5th
> 3) Time of Hrestol's activity?
> 4) Time of Return to Righteous Crusade(kionvara) just after Abiding
> written?

#2 is what they think they're doing. Given that they have knights, and Malkion didn't, this may be debatable in other people's eyes.

> 3.What type of groups venerate Hrestol as a Prophet in 17C Glorantha
> from Loskalmi?

The best known such group are the Orthodox Hrestoli of the Castle Coast. The Galvosti also acknowledge Hrestol, as do the Immaculate Church of Junora, and probably some smaller groups here and there.

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