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Dear Jamie and Peter:

Thank you for your answers.

>> 1.Did 2nd Age God Learners acknowledge Hrestol as their prophet?
>> (There is no mention in Abiding Book about Hrestol and Joy.)
>> MRQ setting said YES. But I said Greg's current idea MIGHT NOT BE.

Jamie about God Learners:
>As far as I know, they[God Learners] did - or at least didn't regard him as
>a raving

Yes. I understand. You wrote me good explanation (below).

Jamie about 3rd Age Irensavelites:
>The Irensavelites they certainly didn't like, but not all
>Hrestoli are Irensavelite.


Should I interpret above as 3rd Age Irensavalites don't revere Hrestol, either?
I expected most of 3rd Age Loskalmi are New Hrestoli and Irensavalite.....their prophets are Malkion and Hrestol. Please tolerate my limited English ability.

Below is my knowledge (maybe wrong?):

1)Most of 3rd Age Loskalmi are New Hrestoli.
2)Most of New Hrestoli are Irensavalites.
3)Irensavalites venerate Malkion (not as evil demiurge) and Hrestol as

Please teach me if I am wrong.

Jamie's Explanation about GL's attitude to Hrestol
>It's always possible that some of them did. OTOH, I don't think the
>Abiding Book specifically condemns Hrestol, either, which leaves the
>door open to interpretation. One might compare it with the Islamic
>notion of actions being mandatory, recommended, allowed, or forbidden.
>Hrestol would fit in that third category of 'allowed', which, in
>Islam, mainly refers to things the Koran has no opinion on either way.
>They don't *like* it, but they won't go out of their way to stop it.

>With respect to Joy, the God Learner attitude may have been that it
>was a method of communing with Ferbrith (that is, the God of the
>Second Action). As such, it would be tolerable, but obviously not as
>good as properly following Makan, whose revelations in the Abiding
>Book superseded the previous knowledge of Ferbrith. So long as you
>don't go around saying you know better than the Abiding Book, they'll
>put up with you following some old prophet whose work was the best
>there was in his time, but has since been replaced by something better.

Your explanation sounds me true. IIRC, Ferbrith is the God of 1st Action in MSE p.4, God of 2nd Action is Kiona. But I suppose there is difference between "Middle Sea Empire" and "Revealed Mythologies" IIRC.

My question about "Ideal" age of Rokarism.
>> Possibilities are:
>> 1) Time of Malkion before he exiled to Malkionwal?
>> 2) Time of Malkion after he exiled to Malkionwal and died in
>>5th Action?
>> 3) Time of Hrestol's activity?
>> 4) Time of Return to Righteous Crusade(kionvara) just after
>> Abiding Book written?

>#2 is what they think they're doing.
>Given that they have knights, and Malkion didn't,
>this may be debatable in other people's eyes.

>I think the Malkioni of the land of logic had mounted
>horsemen or equestrians and that the Rokari
>institution of knighthood draws
>upon this tradition.

Mmm, but still there is difficulty, for the duke of Rindland used "Crusade" ritual of Hrestol against his enemies at Asgolan. IIRC in Arcane Lore p.61, King Annmac prohibited its use except the one who meets Hrestol himself and gets his permission.

Or did Bailifes and Mardron use magic strong enough to break Annmac's prohibition?

Of course, I know you don't have all answers: Below is an example how Greg confused us again:

<<Tales #13, p.7 about Crusade:
When he[Hrestol] returned, he bore the sword named Justice of the Ages, into whose hilt the + sign was cast.>>

<<Arcane Lore p.61 about Crusade:
When he[Hrestol] returned he bore the sword named Justice of the Ages, into whose hilt the "Y" sign was cast.>>

Death rune turned into Truth rune.


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