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> Jamie about 3rd Age Irensavelites:
> >The Irensavelites they certainly didn't like, but not all
> >Hrestoli are Irensavelite.
> ???
> Should I interpret above as 3rd Age Irensavalites don't revere
Hrestol, either?
> I expected most of 3rd Age Loskalmi are New Hrestoli and
> Irensavalite.....their prophets are Malkion and Hrestol.
> Please tolerate my limited English ability.

The Loskalmi and the Immaculates are both Irensavelite and Hrestoli. The Castle Coasters are Hrestoli, but not Irensavelite. So the MSE can dislike the Irensavelites (the ancestors of the modern Loskalmi) without disliking all Hrestoli (many of whom are the ancestors of the modern Castle Coasters).

Hrestol himself was not an Irensavelite; that came later, notably from Tomaris. When LotW2 is eventually released, with its list of heresies against the Rokari Church, you'll see that the Hrestoli Heresy and the Fronelan Heresy (i.e. Irensavelism) are not the same thing - although the Loskalmi practice both, of course.

> Below is my knowledge (maybe wrong?):
> 1)Most of 3rd Age Loskalmi are New Hrestoli.


> 2)Most of New Hrestoli are Irensavalites.

If by 'New Hrestoli' you mean the Loskami Idealists, they are all Irensavelite - its a core part of the religion.

> 3)Irensavalites venerate Malkion (not as evil demiurge) and Hrestol
> as prophets.


> Your explanation sounds me true. IIRC, Ferbrith is the God of 1st
> Action in MSE p.4, God of 2nd Action is Kiona. But I suppose there
> is difference between "Middle Sea Empire" and "Revealed Mythologies"
Sorry, I meant that Ferbrith is the God who *performed* the Second Action, which means He would have first appeared during the First Action Era. Thus, Makan is the God of the First Action.

> Mmm, but still there is difficulty, for the duke of Rindland used
> ritual of Hrestol against his enemies at Asgolan.
> IIRC in Arcane Lore p.61, King Annmac prohibited its use except the
one who
> meets Hrestol himself and gets his permission.
> Or did Bailifes and Mardron use magic strong enough to break Annmac's
> prohibition?

This I don't know the details of.

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