Re: Naively looking for 'Pavic Tales'

From: boudaille2000 <glorantha_at_AYAVp5JNT2wW49jn9QG1b662eGx8bimY-hhwdYfT-6MVN2cchb9EV2dxLOAFpsWR-Q>
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2008 10:23:45 -0000

> Although the articles in it that were done by persons other than El

> Greg Stafford
> Game Designer

Long-time fan of glorantha (including nasty background - forget my frenglish), I can read between the lines of various recent posts that somthing went wrong with Steven Martin, as to the point of being nicknamed in a colourful but harsh way by Greg.

Could someone be my Elmal on this and try to tell everyone what went wrong with this retired Czar ?



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