Re: Who wants Pavic Tales

From: Brian Curley <bkcurley_at_SY9LTpWOUPHf0DTOktio3tAfXL-1fzeyFt7NnJxsc5lCi64Izmgs8_Yclo53FWGD0F2>
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2008 10:37:19 -0500

Kenrae wrote:
>> Posted by: "Nick Eden"
>> On 9/18/08, Matthew Cole <> wrote:
>>> Hi all
>>> Can I get an idea of numbers of folks who want (would pay for) legal PDFs
>>> of Pavic Tales, the eighties RQ/Glorantha fanzine.
>>> I'm sorry if this is not the correct forum but otherwise, honestly I have no
>>> idea what would be.
>>> Matthew
>>> If broken it is, hmm, fix it you should, yesss.
>> I probably would

> Me too.

As would I.            

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