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"Jeff Richard" wrote:
>> I believe there are scenarios going to be included in the book. If
>> so, what is the default date of the campaign? 1621 or later? [...]
> The default starting year will be 1618. One thing
> we've decided is to give people the opportunity to
> start their campaigns before all hell breaks loose. [...]

And where the hell breaking loose will be explained? ;). In this book or in later ones? I would like to have an official "Liberation of Pavis" scenario published.

>> Is the Master Plan of Pavis for the city going to be further
>> detailed? [...]
> There will be hints and insights into Pavis the Founder -
> at least as his goals are understood by those who worship
> him. And as Pavis wrote in his books (like the "Master of
> the Faceless King").

Good, although surely the new answers will open new questions... as it must be ;).

>> Are some of the ideas at the "P&BR Companions" by Ian
>> Thompson going to be included in the new version of
>> Pavis or are they all officialy disregarded? [...]
> Ian's stuff is his own material. Some of it is probably right,
> some of it is wrong, and some is right but misleading.

As MGWV, I will end using the parts I like of his material (I love those books), but could you give at least one of the ideas that are obviously wrong in them?

>> Please, keep the Ancient Measure or a similar group at the core of
>> the Pavis Cult. I love stories about Nephilim-like masonic secret
>> societies ;). [...]
> The cult of Pavis should please you then.


Thank you for the answers, Jeff

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