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Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2008 19:41:17 +0900

To Jamie and other gloranthaphiles:

More discussion in jp-community erupted after I translated Jamie and Peter's answers about Malkioni prophets. While the discussion about the concept of "Trinity" in RW chiristianity stormed, I realise my ignorance to HeroQuest definition of "Veneration".

<<V.S: "Joy" and the achievement of Hrestol isn't mentioned In Abiding Book
(see HQ rule book p.157). Okay. But "Venerating Saints" is different topic. There aren't enough explanations and settings for this and that of "Saint Veneration" of Glorantha aside from rule terms in HeroQuest rulebook. I find difficulty to game in Malkioni herobands with orderlies.>>

<<Malion: I can't understand why we don't simply sanctify the veneration of
the saints by Abiding Book. [Gloranthan Malkionism is not RW monotheism.]>>


>sanctify the veneration of the saints by Abiding Book There is no comments about it in HQ rule book. Some might have considered that ”Secret Keepers” are saints. But I’m doubtful.

Perhaps, a sort of concept of ”Ten Commandments” in real world first appeared in Glorantha History with Abiding Book. But I suppose we should decide what means the term ”saint” before I ask more questions to Jamie and/or Greg.>>

<<Malion: Gloranthan Western Magic is "Book" magic, but most of gloranthan
people are illiterate.>>

Malkioni Literacy

<<The military rank and file, however, have traditionally been illiterate,
as have the farmers and other commoners, for as long as I have known about Glorantha>>

<<Me: I suppose many western liturgists are illiterate if we follow Greg's
statement in 2001. Maybe they can't read their own formularies and scriptures, but they know how to "use" it.>>

See Hero Quest rulebook p.173: Humble Calligraphers

<<Scripture is central to the monotheists of the West, (snip) It is also a
reflection of their power: bishops, dukes, and merchant-princes alike depend on their transcribe documents, make and break codes, and notarizes accounts and copies.>>

So, it might mean that ordinary people can't read their holy books except specialists. Credoes in HQ rulebook about Rokari and Ship of Life Church both mentions "Sanctified Legacies". I am not sure it is from Abiding Book.Japanese ignorance to monotheistic taboos and set of concepts is difficult to prevail.

Here is 4 more questions about Malkioni Saintly Orders: 1) When did Saintly Orders firstly appear in Glorantha? I suppose it originated as a sort of Herobands, following fighting saints like Hrestol, Talor and Gerlant. But I am not sure it is with modern form of Saintly Orders even in early 1st Age....

2) What is Orderly "formularies"? I can make some imagery to Scriptures (similar to RW bible) and Grimoires (perhaps it is similar to Dungeon's and Dragon's Spellbook). In HQ rulebook, Formulary is "a non-magical book that contains the specific formula used to cast the spell.".

3) Is there any clear mention about "Saintly Veneration" in Abiding Book? (I suppose the answer is "No".)

4) Is there any sample herobands in HoM and/or Kingdom of Flamesword?

Please ignore me if you don't have answers or if these questions are in the realm of YGWV, but comments and opinions are welcomed.


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