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"Terra Incognita":

> <<V.S: "Joy" and the achievement of Hrestol isn't mentioned In
Abiding Book
> (see HQ rule book p.157). Okay. But "Venerating Saints" is different
> There aren't enough explanations and settings for this and that of
> Veneration" of Glorantha aside from rule terms in HeroQuest
rulebook. I find
> difficulty to game in Malkioni herobands with orderlies.>>

The veneration of saints is at least supported by the Abiding Book, because its followers in the Imperial Age did exactly that. The 'sharp' version favoured by the Rokari may be less clearly supportive, but it obviously doesn't condemn the practice outright, since even two saints are fully integrated into the Rokari Church (Gerlant and Iames), and there are a few others that Theoblanc hasn't got round to banning yet (e.g. Xemela).

> <<Me:
> >sanctify the veneration of the saints by Abiding Book
> There is no comments about it in HQ rule book. Some might have
> that °…Secret Keepers°… are saints. But I°«m doubtful.
> Perhaps, a sort of concept of °…Ten Commandments°… in real world first
> appeared in Glorantha History with Abiding Book. But I suppose we
> decide what means the term °…saint°… before I ask more questions to
> and/or Greg.>>

A saint is, essentially, a powerful Malkioni hero who has managed to create a node on the Saint Plane, thus allowing his followers access to one of the Runes, and some accompanying spells. Saints are distinguished from other types of hero, and from the Founders of wizardry schools, in that they are recognised as holy by a Church, and revealed some significant aspect of God or His worship to the faithful. There are exceptions to this general rule, as there are to most things in Glorantha, but that's the gist of it.

> <<Malion: Gloranthan Western Magic is "Book" magic, but most of
> people are illiterate.>>
> <<Me: I suppose many western liturgists are illiterate if we follow
> statement in 2001. Maybe they can't read their own formularies and
> scriptures, but they know how to "use" it.>>

In most cases, followers of the saints memorise the spells they are taught, without having to literally read the grimoire. The liturgists are usually literate, but even that is not always the case, depending on which saint we're talking about.

> So, it might mean that ordinary people can't read their holy books
> specialists. Credoes in HQ rulebook about Rokari and Ship of Life
> both mentions "Sanctified Legacies". I am not sure it is from Abiding
> Book.>>

The 'sanctified legacy' is not necessarily from the Abiding Book, although it can be, depending on the sect.

> Here is 4 more questions about Malkioni Saintly Orders:
> 1) When did Saintly Orders firstly appear in Glorantha? I suppose it
> originated as a sort of Herobands, following fighting saints like
> Talor and Gerlant. But I am not sure it is with modern form of Saintly
> Orders even in early 1st Age....

The earliest saintly orders date from at least the early Dawn Age, but did not necessarily take their modern form. (In fact, I'm currently writing up a history of a saintly order for Tradetalk, which covers some of this ground). Most saintly orders start off as hero bands, changing in rules terms once they have their grimoire/formulary and scripture, and in social terms once their founder has been formally canonised.

> 2) What is Orderly "formularies"? I can make some imagery to Scriptures
> (similar to RW bible) and Grimoires (perhaps it is similar to
Dungeon's and
> Dragon's Spellbook). In HQ rulebook, Formulary is "a non-magical
book that
> contains the specific formula used to cast the spell.".

A formulary is a type of grimoire used by saintly orders rather than wizardry schools. It contains the details of how to cast spells.

> 4) Is there any sample herobands in HoM and/or Kingdom of Flamesword?

HoM includes the hero bands already published at the Issaries website (that is, the Garden of Love and the Golden Chalice), but nothing new. KotFS and W-K both have a number of hero bands, but these are brief descriptions, rather than full write-ups.

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