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Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 22:16:30 +1300

At 03:14 a.m. 30/09/2008, you wrote:

>Adjective 'Sharp' was also used in God Learner Version of Abiding Book. It
>might be a random, or intentional coincidence. IIRC, in MSE the god
>'Malkioneran the Devil' was the God of 'Sharp' Abiding Book.
>(Isn't this opinion supported by Rokari?)

I don't like the adjective "sharp" as it feels too modern and it isn't used in the MSE. The Rokari believe that Malkioneran is a false image of the one true god, Makan. In the Imperial Age, the worshippers of Makan and Malkioneran had complex issues about each other but weren't quite willing to put it to the test. To muddy waters, the Loskalmi consider Makan and Malkioneran to be the same devil.

>Is it possible someone still living in Mundane World can be as a Saint?

Gerlant is said to have been worshipped as a Saint while he still lived. I do feel that Malkionism has living saints and holy fools that exist within and without the established church.

>But I found many saints are martyred.....

I largely avoid that parallel as it conveys a false impression of what Malkioni Saints are about.

--Peter Metcalfe            

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