Re: Using dead chaos monster bits

From: Todd Gardiner <todd.gardiner_at_KkDOjTG1NN0G_co6NA0eHx-ESmnn-v9tFDC7TWO6-C6Co71e1mm0D0L-ujult9>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 08:42:08 -0700

Walktapi soup is supposed to be very tasty, so long as you are careful to only cook and eat the octopus portion of this fearsome chaos beast. That's a clear (if rather old) example of Orlanthi culture making use of the body of a defeated chaos foe.

On Tue, Sep 30, 2008 at 5:37 AM, John Harding <> wrote:

> I came across a Gloranthan illustration the other day of
> a "barbarian" type man wearing what appeared to be a broo skin. My
> immediate reaction was "Yuck whats he caught off that?!"
> My question is would your usual chaos hating Lightbringers/Praxians
> etc use material from dead chaos monsters or would they see them as
> evil/poisionous. Would they still be chaotic even if dead?
> i.e. would you see an Orlanthi hall with skin of the dead jack
> o'bear than Uncle Snorri killed next to the fire un pride of place
> or actually in the fire burning away?
> If I can use a real world analogy we are afraid wolves but we have
> worn their skin. Then again humans have a sneaking admiration for
> predators but I am not sure if chaos monsters fall into the same
> bracket. Are they too foul?
> John

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