Re: Using dead chaos monster bits

From: Andrew Solovay <asolovay_at_P7myOCa2cxs7FjZzP5xKghJmp7Lv4wzCJmyjt-KeLdU-cH1o2lG9TxThZV8sL3TuMxz>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 11:01:14 -0700

The trolls have a myth about Kyger Litor skinning Thed and using the skin to make a drum. I expect trolls reenact this somehow, and have magic that lets them do it with reasonable safety. So it wouldn't surprise me to see trolls making use of chaos bits. (In particular, I bet powerful trolls can eat chaos monsters with impunity--the skill's called "eat anything", you know.)

But trolls are a special case in all kinds of ways.

From: "Paul King" <> Sent: Tuesday, September 30, 2008 10:56 AM To: <> Subject: Re: Using dead chaos monster bits

> Broo remains would tend to be crawling with Disease Spirits. Then
> there's the risk of some Chaotic Feature that's still dangerous. And
> the risk of being mistaken for a chaotic by Storm Bullies. I suppose
> that Praxians are pragmatic enough that they MIGHT do it if there was
> some advantage worth the work and risks. Orlanthi are less likely to
> do so, I think.
> I don't like the wolf analogy - it's more like a rabid dog - a
> radioactive rabid dog, covered in mutant fleas.
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