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YGWV On Tue, Sep 30, 2008 at 2:16 AM, Peter Metcalfe <
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> >Is it possible someone still living in Mundane World can be as a Saint?
> Gerlant is said to have been worshipped as a Saint while he still
> lived. I do feel that Malkionism has living saints and holy fools
> that exist within and without the established church.

Officially, living people are not saints is most churches. Minor sects have differed.
In fact, though, the process by which a person becomes a saint or demigod or worshiped spirit) includes a phase wherein they are alive and can (indeed, must) provide some kind of spiritual power to followers. Churches have traditionally forbidden the application of Saint to these people because the process to become this link doesn't always work. For them, saints are the ones who made it.

> >But I found many saints are martyred.....
> I largely avoid that parallel as it conveys a false impression of what
> Malkioni Saints are about.

Martyrization is not required, but being dead is. Martyrizations can be considered one form of passing over that is popular with certain segments of certain churches.

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