Demonization [was Written Magic?]

From: valkoharja <rintasaa_at_O6I2CC6EAH34B1X8gf_aHJRs1Y30dp1fvvKRWL7VXco6trxRQJ8_LGJLd-laXLBWijM>
Date: Sun, 05 Oct 2008 01:12:58 -0000

> All being reflections of the ease for them to demonize even each
> other. The actuality of this or that being what is demonized is not
> important to the demonization process.
> Ironically, however, is that there IS a "demonized zone" of the
> Essence Planes. If group A succesfully demonizes Group B then Gp B
> can access those demonic powers. And, inevitably, someone does...

Could you tell us a little more about this Greg. Who can demonize, and how hard is it? What is actually done. Am I right in thinking that a suspicious hermit or wise woman can be ritually declared a heretic and demonized, and this actually changes the magical reality of said hermit or wise woman (groups him/her to the demonic entities list somehow, in a platonic sense).

This sounds very interesting, but I don't feel like I understand completely what is talked about here.

> Saints are people who did this within the limits of the Church,
> "Superadepts" (jeez, what's the real term?) are people who do it
> for sorcery.



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