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> > All being reflections of the ease for them to demonize even each
> > other. The actuality of this or that being what is demonized is not
> > important to the demonization process.
> > Ironically, however, is that there IS a "demonized zone" of the
> > Essence Planes. If group A succesfully demonizes Group B then Gp B
> > can access those demonic powers. And, inevitably, someone does...
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> Could you tell us a little more about this Greg.

I'll do my best.
It is similar to declaring a heresy, but worse. Stronger. A heretic is just wrong, misled; but demons are evil, enemies, corrupt beyond redemption.

> Who can demonize, and

I am not exactly sure who, but in Seshnela it would probably be a collective of the bishops.
It requires someone of significant magical power--enough to cast a spell. I feel there has to be an individual person to do it, but also some body of people who would agree and back up the claim.

> how hard is it?

I imagine it is fairly difficult.
The religious body would have to decide if it was truly so, and then perform a solemn rite of condemnation.

> What is actually done.

There would be an accusation, a trial, a proof and then the magical casting to make it so.

Am I right in thinking that a
> suspicious hermit or wise woman can be ritually declared a heretic and
> demonized, and this actually changes the magical reality of said
> hermit or wise woman (groups him/her to the demonic entities list
> somehow, in a platonic sense).

I don't think it changes the reality for the demonized individual. It would not change their belief, or make them evil or anything. It would give them access to an array of demonic powers, and it would also make them vulnerable to the anti-demon powers of the condemning body. But their inner life, heir spiritual power, their beliefs, would not change from this demonization. They might change afterwards if they actually used the demonic powers, of course.

This sounds very interesting, but I don't feel like I understand
> completely what is talked about here.

If that's not sufficient, keep asking!

> > Saints are people who did this within the limits of the Church,
> > "Superadepts" (jeez, what's the real term?) are people who do it
> > for sorcery.
> Archmage?

Yea, I think that's it. It'll do. better than supermage by far!!

Greg Stafford
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