Re:Runic Symbolism in Gloranthan Art and Culture.

From: Richard Crawley <richard.crawley5_at_3-wvKbgtIIO-xQvNd2oPnouR9rbyXCcKHmD1omkVRJK8hk4IV0Edf6mHa9n>
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2008 08:03:25 +0100

My approach to Glorantha these days is modified by the fact that I'm using it purely as a setting for miniatures games. So far as runes goes that means shield shapes at present.

My Tarshite tribal foot will use small, square shields instead of round bucklers. Also my Dragontooth Runners have triangular dragonbone shields, painted to resemble Dragonewt runes. Sadly the latter have now been completely Gregged and will shortly be reconverted as some kind of Esrolian guard unit. :-(

Richard Crawley

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