Re: Dumb questions

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_UN9a2X4kvfgjHpGN1XcGlxCjHXnGquuNtKdwKhYssfL3Q-BvPEbdfHr35uA5EMuU6tW->
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2008 19:17:29 -0000

> > > It looks like oxen are pretty much the standard draft animals which
> > > fits with an ancient rather than renassaince world.
> >
> I believe current estimate (I've lost the web site) is that the
horse collar
> increased the efficiency of the same group of farmers on the same
land by
> +30% over using oxen. My vision of glorantha is ox cart.

I agree with Greg. Oxen are defintely used by most (nearly all) Genertelan cultures pull their plows - at least where plows are used (there were several hoe-using cultures in Peloria at the Dawn, although I am not sure they still exist). In Pamaltela I am pretty sure that there are several hoe-using cultures.

The only possible exception is modern Loskalm, which may well use the horse-collar.


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