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From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_3zuWjWwuju5MbUh3b9wtIUvNxQLTuXcIHbz5HYEJijh81kYE6J4LjCYK-27c9MZZX8Ydv>
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 11:50:42 -0700

>> This is physical travel, not at all the same as going through the Hero
>> Plane.

Ah, but at some point a crossover occurs. You may not *notice* it, but you pass through a cloud/door/hole in the ground and you are no longer on the physical world, but the Otherside. One of those "ye must pass this test, ere you go further"s that you encounter is a crossover point. And yes, I believe this happens even if you're walking/sailing/flying to the edge of the world. Somewhere "out there" you cross between the worlds. (Falling down the Hellcrack or riding the Maelstrom in the Homeward Ocean are other ways to get from the Physical world to the Otherside. it's just that you normally die when you do it - but that's still a crossover...). For every Garrath that rides a ship down Magasta's Pool, there are probably millions of sailors that *don't* come back.

But this is different than a Heroquest. A heroquest has a beginning, middle and end - a plot, if you will; known (and unkown) dangers, etc. "Travel" doesn't. So you can't "walk a heroquest" to get from here to there, but you can try to "travel" from here to there - it's just that there is no roadmap, no signposts and eveything you meet is likely to try to eat/kill/mate with/enslave/rape/steal from you. This isn't even "experimental heroquestng, this is something else again. And it's *even more dangerous* than experimental heroquesting.

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