Gloranthan Magazines

From: Shannon Appelcline <shannon.appelcline_at_UvhWTRYcLf8aHEd9GwSSVtPtqZYay9W3h8YzmB1H28pBy0sIGjVcMr2wP>
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 11:09:02 -0700

Since there's been discussion lately of HiG, Tradetalk, and even Pavic Tales, I thought you guys might like seeing this:

It's a pretty extensive listing of Gloranthan magazines. If you click through on a cover you'll find a complete content listing.

Thus far I've entered Codex, Hearts in Glorantha, New Lolon Gospel, RQ Adventures, Tales of the Reaching Moon, Tradetalk, Wyrm's Footnotes, and The Zin Letters. You can also do a search for "Magazine" in the nearby search box to get a partial listing of Different Worlds and a complete listing of Heroes and Ye Booke of Tentacles, none of which appear on this listing because they aren't primarily GLorantha.

Still to enter: Pavic Tales (though I only have #2 and #3), Enclosure, Book of Drastic Resolutions, Questlines, Pavis and Big Rubble Companion (though I'm missing #2).

If anyone would like to enter stuff I'm missing, please do. You just click "Add a Magazine".


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