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From: Todd Gardiner <todd.gardiner_at_SuE-I6cOHjLyAvVULfVtCak2IvYLOQHuaXb4OWXTLrxNxyiNvS6BDLswNFLR7w>
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 09:59:45 -0700

I have been working on a full-size map of Genertela for about two years now. I've been scaling up every map I can find, layering them over every other map and then drawing over to create a composite. While it is derived from (essentially) every region map every produced, it is a personalized map style and adaptation that covers the entire expanse of this northern continent. Essentially, this makes a map of the continent at the same scale as the Dragon Pass boardgame map, although not every region is drawn at that level of detail.

Which brings me to the question:
Is there enough interest in this map commercially to begin the licensing process with Issaries in order to refine the details on the map, get Greg's approval and then print a geographic map banner and a political map banner?

At this point, I haven't even asked Issaries Inc. if they would be interested in the production of such a product, so I can't promise that such a creature would ever see the light of day. But if there would at least 20 people worldwide that would be interested in a full-size banner (or two) at the $100 range, plus shipping, I could move this from a hobby project to something I could share with the community.

Map details:

I've only been working on a one or two evenings per week, so it's at least two months from being complete. And that's just for the terrain. Cities.other POIs, and regional labels would still need to be added and that could take another two months (or more); although a first-gen map could be produce by limiting detail to top level region labels (e.g. Maniria, Peloria, Seshnela, etc.) and with just unlabeled dots for locations. Right now I am working on taking the alpha channels for each terrain type and turn these into textures and height maps. With focus, however, this could be coming out around the time of the HQ2 release.

Currently this is a 2GB 150 dpi greyscale photoshop file that over 40000 pixels across. If I reduced this to 40% it would produce a banner 8' wide and 4.5' tall. This is the largest size that can be printed on a vinyl banner in full color at local sign shops. Given the number of labels and the amount of detail, this would best be done as two banners: a Geographic Map and a Political Map, which is common for maps of Genertela. Potentially a smaller map could be produced, by either increasing the DPI or reducing the legibility by shrinking it. (But that would make much of my full-scale detail work pointless...)

There are a couple area I am concerned about. The Balazar/Elder Wilds maps do not line up very well with the other maps. I've had to squeeze it a bit to make these detailed maps fit between the Lunar Empire and the Rockwood Mountains. And Ralios (and to a lesser extent, Fronela) feel like broad stokes of terrain because I cannot find any detailed maps. Northern and eastern reaches of these regions, especially, seem sort of "empty". And Pent and Erigia are mostly cut off on the map, which extends only about 100km past the southernmost reach of Valind's Glacier, and about 50km into the White Sea.

Please forward any suggestions, additional maps that might help, or any feedback directly to my e-mail, but I would appreciate keeping a tally of "interest" on the list.

--Todd Gardiner
Seattle, WA

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