Re: World Map

From: continuum2008 <Continuum2008_at_LpPAZ41V6eLMecgomzCguqOA1yrDD3Hy-DwugIUaVtWxTD8MGnNfmRkGmDj-PC>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 13:25:44 -0000

"Osentalka" wrote:
> I am more interested in an "Historical Atlas of Glorantha", showing maps of
> whole glorantha, each continent, each region, and separate kingdoms and
> empires through the ages and before, during and after the major events.
> Geographical maps, political maps, other maps (showing religios
> distribution, races, etc.)...
> I myself have collected ALL maps i have (from RQ 1 to MRQ, HW, HQ, Stafford
> Library, fan booklets, Greg manuscripts, websites...) and compiled them in
> two big folders (i photocopied them for personal use). That is very useful,
> but far from complete, far from being in one style, and far from being in
> colour. :-)

As far as I am aware there is a work in progress like this. Colin Driver is doing the maps.            

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