Re: Gloranthan Facts and Game Artefacts

From: John Harding <jrharding_at_07x5jMB6p-9wAM5V41LWEiEjQoIwL2kaotLagIThrSMQy3iTvaQrbqbWNQdIcTCr0g>
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 2008 23:14:37 -0000

> Big Rubble - seems to be an obvious setting created for the needs of
> gamers, rather than the needs of a fantastic imaginary world.
> Somewhere to go dungeon crawling. The whole history of the City of
> Pavis comes later.

Hmmm the Big Rubble... a limited geographical area filled with ancient treasure, ruins, magic and legends of the old gods that attracts adventurers from near and far.
I'm not so sure its that unrealistic or contrived. The above description could be easily be applied The Valley of the Kings as well.            

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