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Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2008 10:48:55 -0500

Namaste Greg:
This discussion on "Time" resistance is fascinating. In my Lunar Missionary in Teshnos game, there are a lot of Illuminates around, and one of them (a newbie to Glorantha) decided at the start of the game that he wanted to play a man seemingly aging in reverse. This has given me all kinds of opportunities for a lot of very unusual and enlightening things to happen to him. As the campaign is finally ending, knowing the resistance of such cosmological constants is quite useful for Illumination challenges.

Questions - is there a reason that the Resistance of Time is "greater" than the Resistance of "The All" (10M15)? One would suppose that Time would be less than *everything*, considering there are other states like "Dreaming".

I'm interested by what you meant by the "Sheng Seleris" story - does the Great Khan try to challenge Time?

-Santo Sengupta
"aum shanti shanti shantih."            

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