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> But as far as the storytelling goes, and modeling for activities, I will
> point out that Uleria is still the Orlanthi sex goddess, so powerful
> her powers can be demonic in that they can drive humans to madness and
> death, as well as providing earth-shattering sex or a
time-shattering foot
> massage. But her powers are impossible to avoid, and it is more
likely than
> not that the relevant story would be "Uleria seduces hunky young god."

Tue enough; if the whole point of the heroquest is sexual in nature, then Uleria's your goddess. I was thinking more of myths in which it's a means to an end - just as not all quests that involve combat are necessarily *about* combat. For instance, in my recent Valind-and-Shargash myth, Valind seduces a grain goddess to create the first winter barley. That's not a myth about the power of sex /per se/ but it's kind of relevant that he's male.

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