Re: Lunar element's relation to others, especially Storm

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Hi there,

I tend to enjoy getting mired in cosmology in my games so this is certainly not boring for me.

2008/11/7 valkoharja <>
> Now I wonder if the situation is such that the conflict between Lunar
> and Air really is an unresolved case of elemental dominance. Maybe the
> circle of five Gloranthan elements should really be a cicle o five,
> and the fight is still going on whether Moon or Air is going to be
> superior to each other. Thinking about it, it would seem logical that
> Lunar power would end up dominant over water (tides and all that), but
> as this is Glorantha it seems the jury is still out.
> What do you guys think? Any ideas are appreciated,

I think this could certainly work, I hadn't thought about it before but it could be quite interesting. The real issue for me is whether the Lunar element vying with Air has the same elemental relationships as Air (defeats Water, defeated by Earth) as this would be necessary to make the progression work elegantly.

I do tend personally to like Elemental Philosophy of Herephrones (sp?/serf's parma) which proposes a sixth elemental position which, in the table of correspondences (aside: I get a major flashback to the Magician Tarot stuff from Nephilim when I look at this!) in MoLaD, seems to be suggestive of a Moon element.


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