Re: Naively looking for "Pavic Tales"

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_Y1-MyfHbYBhXATrvq5pIhgG8JDbdpUw3fNUlXiF9Tw1WgzKAAXggncCY0gVWs9bTc9nO>
Date: Sat, 08 Nov 2008 08:23:51 -0000

> This is a conclusion I also came to when devising a "Balastor's Last
Stand" scenario. Desperate times, desperate people, desperate cults. It is no surprise to me that there are chaos dens in the Rubble. Balastor's companions (in my game) are a rough assortment of folks with thier own secrets (dark, chaotic, self serving) making it hard to tell who are the villians - the humans or the trolls. The only thing that saves them is disunity among the Mothers and the Warlord Gerak Kag.

This is very close to my view as well.

> We must remember that the trolls had been asked to come to Pavis by
humans to help fight the nomads.

Pavis was not exactly a saint either....


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