Re: Lunar element's relation to others, especially Storm

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Jeff Richard:  

> OK, the status of the Moon Rune is always problematic and will likely
> be different from background book to background book. I am not going
> to give you absolute answers, since the entire categorization system
> is a model (a good model, developed by the God Learners and refined by
> other cultures, but not 100% accurate in all situations).
> However, most Gloranthan philosophers recognize the Moon Rune as a
> Condition Rune, not an Elemental Rune. There is certainly a lot of
> evidence to support that.

In the Malkioni books, I've used it as a 'movement' rune, per p.265 of HQ1. But I don't use the term "movement rune" itself, so if "condition rune" is now more accurate, that requires no changes to anything. Either way, I didn't have the Malkioni considering it to be an element. Let the Lunars think what they like about that!

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