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Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2008 22:20:21 -0800

> And you won't need to know that material for the various HQ2
> supplements, since our goal is that the books released AFTER HQ2 will
> not require that you own any previously published RQ or HW/HQ1
> material. For example the Sartar Book is to be stand-alone, requiring
> only that you own HQ2.

Just to clarify, in case someone has a question: No, the pre-HQ2 books do not suddenly become worthless. The thirty years of history that has made Glorantha what it is will not be thrown out, but they won't be *necessary* to play in HQ2 Glorantha. Useful still? Yes.

Glorantha is constantly changing, both in a real-world-author type of way, and in a game-world-MythoHistorical kind of way. Things that were accepted as "fact" 30 years ago might not be "fact" today. Books published recently may have had the benefit of 25 years of thought into solviing a problem, but the old "problem" (whatever it was) is still probably believed by *someone*, *somewhere* in Glorantha.

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