Re: An Observation About Yinkin

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Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 12:06:43 GMT

In message <> "Ian Borchardt" writes:
>Donald Oddy writes:
>> In Heortling
>> society adultery it is a wrong done to the other party in the
>> marriage and should be compensated.
>And how exactly could they do that? There is no legal method of
>extracting compensation from kin in Orlanthi society and any form of
>marriage makes people kin. Only after dissolving the marriage
>(divorce) can legal methods be used,

Which is what I went on to say.

>and even then, it would probably
>traditionally concentrate on retrieving the bride-/groom-price.

I think it would involve more than that. Firstly the children of the marriage, then the bride price/dowry and also any other losses the victim or their family suffered including insult. My view is that divorces cost a lot of cattle which is a strong incentive to find another way.

That's where the clan peaceweaver comes in. She persuades those involved to find an acceptable solution if that is possible. The solution is likely to involve gifts, public apologies and sacrifices to the gods. Gifts between husband and wife may be legally meaningless but emotionally and symbolically important.

Personally I find the idea that the whole clan suffers from the wrath of Orlanth and Ernalda if someone breaks their marriage vows excessive. It's likely that every clan in Sartar is in that position whether they know it or not.

Donald Oddy


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