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Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 21:27:27 -0000

Gianfranco Geroldi:
> In my campaign, with a total strength of about 2500 warriors from
Prax and Sartar, an Orlanthi devotee hero is going to perform a major Summon of Evil ritual in Only Safe, in order to weaken Than Ulbar before storming it.

Wahay! Another army marches into the stomach of chaos.  

> Do you think that this is going to attract all movable chaos
things, sentient and non sentient ones, to Only Safe (in case of complet victory from the ritual) in a 100km radius?

Possibly, that's certainly one possible outcome.

Another would be to summon the Heroes/Demigods that lie beneath Than Ulbar and send them against Only Safe.

There is a Thanatari Great temple there as well as some awfully nice scorpionmen (Bagogi) and a kingdom of broos (if I recall correctly) headed by a demigod broo. A lot of those are fairly well organised and will come matching along to the slaughter.

> I, as the narrator, would say yes.

In that case, that's what will happen.

2500 warriors are going to have a big battle, but in that kind of situation the major battles will be between the Heroes. The Summons of Evil will attract the worst of the worst to the caster of the ritual - normally people se it to lance a chaos wound, drawing the chaos leaders out and letting the rest drain away. In this case, the worst of the worst is very bad indeed.

Sounds like a laugh.

See Ya


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