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Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 21:29:17 GMT

In message <> "Todd Gardiner" writes:

>At what average age do Heortlings enter into the full Orlanth/Ernalda
>marriage vows? And what percentage of adults in a clan are in this

The usual rule is that an "Orlanthi all" get married so in a typical clan of 500 adults there will be about 75 people who aren't married for one reason or another.

Age of marriage is a more difficult one. In theory any adult can get married but there's an implication in the TR that marriage is dependant on the youngster having settled into their adult role. There are certainly subcults for both men and women which get in the way of marriage. If we assume they are mainly filled by young adults it seem likely that there is a typical period of five to ten years before marriage. So you are probably talking about a marriage age of late teens/early twenties. It's unlikely to be later otherwise you wouldn't get a high enough birth rate.

>I'm curious how these proportions would affect partner availability
>for Yinkinings. I'm expecting that some of these unmarried folk are
>due to their devotion to their gods (e.g. Humakt, Yinkin), but
>Orlanth himself has a tradition of playing the field. And it gender
>numbers are about equal, that would mean that there are a similar
>number of girls that are single.

I don't think you can assume that gender numbers are about equal at any particular point in time. KoS mentions one case where the Kheldon tribe were so unbalanced that many women chose the path of Vinga. I'd expect some clans to have more girls born than boys and visa versa. Whatever suits your story best.

>And it must be even more complex in Esrolia, where some women have
>more than one husband (thus some woman do without).

Or take a year husband to give them a child. One man can do the rounds. Both Niskis and Yinkin would fit that role.

Donald Oddy


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