Ban on Orlanth?

From: Richard Crawley <richard.crawley5_at__RYj3hgo7dBRXvbruUraQKkdz9Qla8P6_KJVFWxCFIhxOn_6mzot1BMVbHm>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 08:26:38 +0000

I'm just starting to run a first Gloranthan game for my 12 year old twins. I'm using Heroquest and we're starting off using Newt Newport's "Prologue method" of character creation from HiG. As we're playing Sartarites this has brought up a question to which I haven't so far been able to find an answer. When did the Lunars first institute the ban Orlanth worship? Did it coincide with the invasion of Sartar? Starbrow's rebellion? Or does it go back deeper into Lunar Empire history?

Richard C            

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