Porous borders (was Re: An Observation About Yinkin)

From: Ian Cooper <ian_hammond_cooper_at_wv6a59hoC5ylIiwDGRbyBtrd_slvAmNFfSaHn70l5KrfV5Ig2OIJeKewV>
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2008 14:52:58 -0000

The typical clan is going to have friendly relations with at least some of its neighbors. They will take a lot of marriage partners from that friendly clan which means that you will have aunts, uncles and cousins amidst the neighbors. While not legal relations these are bonds of love and friendship that will endure.

In highland areas these relatives may be in the next valley over, in lowland areas they may be the other side of some other boundary such as a river. I can't see it being any less normal for people to visit these relatives - popping home to see mum and show her the grandkids - where they are close enough and relations are friendly. And because these people are 'known' this is not the full-scale perform the greeting, go before the chief kind of meeting, but a casual visit.

As such Yinkini will probably have plenty of opportunity to visit with the friendly neighbors.

We're always talking about the enemies, but I think its important to recognize the importance of friends

Now there may be some clans that have no friends, or no neighboring friends. Pity such clans, their lives are more difficult and miserable.            

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