Re: Theory on the Puzzle Canal

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_1IL9Sct5e07gt_swLzg6JLv7yDiscm6cwbKQ31FNpV2Je5rNsnuyXIkQCGEOBttkDwgI>
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2008 07:24:50 -0000

> Here's a theory I had concerning the purpose of the Puzzle Canal.
> It's in two parts, the first part being that the Real City was built
> as a kind of new world within the old world (similar in some ways to
> the Red Moon), with the Puzzle Canal representing the Oceans/waters.
> The second part expands on the ocean mythology. The Ocean and the
> maze are split into 4 areas the High Seas and the Outer Maze, the
> Middle (Niiadic Sea) and the Elf Maze, the Deep Ocean and the Deeper
> Maze, and the Unreachable waters of the Well of Wisdom and the
> Hidden Maze.

Interesting theory. It may be right - at least in part - and it may be a useful description of the Canal. But that is not the "purpose" of the Canal. The Canal's purpose is much more disturbing to Third Age Gloranthans than that. And Labyrgon is not the only name the creator of the Canal has gone by.

BTW, Loz and I will be making some major updating of the Puzzle Canal for the Pavis Book.            

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