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Answering my own question, I found this on the Issaries website:

Lunar Suppression of the Cult of Orlanth By Jeff Richard and Greg Stafford
Here is some information that we've put together, extracted from various correspondance, that we think may be of interest to other fans.

To suppress the cult of Orlanth, the Lunars started in Boldhome and the cities and they closed the Great Temple of Orlanth Rex. They put guards on the mountaintops up above Boldhome and extinguished the Sacred Flame of Sartar. They then went to the tribal centers and closed the temples there. Later they tried to destroy the rocks and sacred boundary markers.
By 1619, there was no resistance to the Lunars at a tribal level. Only Whitewall remained - the last center of Orlanth worship amongst the Heortlings.

Now this implies that the ban dates from after the fall of Boldhome. Or is it just that the suppression of Orlanth IN SARTAR dates from after the fall of Boldhome? How long has Orlanth worship been banned in Tarsh for example? Has rebellion in Sartar prompted an Empire-wide ban or has an Empire-wide ban prompted rebellion in Sartar?

Richard C            

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