Desperately Seeking Sendereven

From: Scott <romulan_ace_at_tQY-1QqJc1PebDjZ9N-E6W1e8CIZUfFnya_8JAWRnBketBLDkCIjOwhIwo9nc0Gw>
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 19:00:24 -0000

I'd like to learn more about these demigod sailors of the outer seas. The short blurb in The Missing Lands was great, but beyond that there's not much.

I'm interested in any insight/speculation, but some specific questions are:

  1. What magical system do they follow?
  2. When did their home island sink? (pre-Time?)
  3. Did their spurned ancestor try to get (additional) revenge on the Sendereven after the sinking of Old Dendulag, or was that the extent of their interaction?


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