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Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2008 06:29:51 -0000

No, there isn't, except specualtion of course.

> I'm interested in any insight/speculation, but some specific questions
> are:
> 1. What magical system do they follow?

My guess is that they use all three, like other peoples of the East Isles, including "mystic cults", like Teshnan Vai Madar Sa where you get magic from different systems in one cult.

> 2. When did their home island sink? (pre-Time?)

Waaay back. The Vithelans don't count the Dawn as the start of time, so pre/post time isn't really a relevant distinction here.

> 3. Did their spurned ancestor try to get (additional) revenge on the
> Sendereven after the sinking of Old Dendulag, or was that the extent of
> their interaction?

I think the ancestor is/was pretty much tied to the location. I think he was one of the Parondpara, the lesser gods who exist in the everything world and they are pretty local. So, I don't think he could do much to the Sendereven once they had left.

Apart from that, in my Glorantha the Sendereven play a small but important role in the Hero Wars in the east. They are the only sailors who can travel the outer oceans and they agree to transport a group of heroes who search for the lost Easternmost Island where the last existing copy of the Yederjalif is to be found.

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