Water Dragonewts of the Zola Fel

From: Lev Lafayette <lev_lafayette_at_86ARUT7AknCntZSF-jz9eQCsaL-j8Z63N_rYpHvaKWMgfczRzE_SwhyjOH2Jim>
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2008 14:44:34 -0800 (PST)

My Glorantha has varied!

I'm currently running two Glorantha games (one pbem HeroQuest one f2f RuneQuest). In the latter, I spiced up the scenario five for Borderlands (Five Eyes Temple). Rather than just having a bunch of angry Newtlings following a rebel Disorder cult ("The River Horse"), with a deep underwater cultic association with a Chaotic fish demon, I linked the scenario with previous adventures including Shadows on the Borderland and River of Cradles.

The Newtlings have rebelled against the Lunar authority of Duke Rauss, and to an extent to the Yelmalios, due to their consistent failure to protect the people of Zola Fel from the diseases that Muriah Witch-Queen is spreading. Of course, the Lunars aren't responsible, and indeed are doing their best to prevent it, but the opportunity is there, under the charismatic Quicktail, to revive an old cult and overthrow the colonists. The Newtlings have engaged in several attacks on Lunar settlements along the river. The traditional Zola Fel-worshipping boatpeople have feigned neutrality, but have secretly offered support to the Newtling uprising.

So what of the cult? Well, the Spirit Cult of the River Horse is actually a spirit cult in the Zola Fel dedicated to an ancient Water Dragon (perhaps named Hippopotamus?); thus the popularity with the Newtlings and the presence of local Dragonewt emissaries. And yes, one of the PCs ((an original River Voice from the first scenario of the campaign) found the transforming flask and, under a negotiation agreed with the Newtlings, drank it.

Over the next 24 hours, they underwent the somewhat painful experience of transforming into a Dragonewt, much to the delight of the Newtlings and visiting dignatories. But not just any Dragonewt; a Water Dragonewt. After all, if Dragonewts are neotenic Dragons, and there are Water Dragons, it stands to reason that there are Water Dragonewts.

One matter I am still resolving (apart from the fact I have a Dragonewt PC, which is always an interesting challenge in its own right). The Zola Fel is traditionally "the birth canal" for the giants. In ancient times, Dragons and Giants were at war (cf., Wyrms Footnotes Issue 15). Could it be that the Zola Fel was where an ancient peace treaty was signed? After all, I don't imagine that the Giants would be too keen on local dragons in such proximity to their children, or even vaguely dragon-related species (e.g., newtlings, dinosaurs etc).                   

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