Somewhere on the edge of Sartar...

From: mouserampant <richard.crawley5_at_sHQYq9-wuPPMC2Sr3ENrF44ccdOBrXcAYNLivSF7wRfCY6bvR6ViB2XoVt0>
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2008 17:21:23 -0000

Tom Zunder and his son Matthew came over last night and we played a big battle game of Gloranthan HOTT. A Morocanth / Rhino / Troll alliance (Tom and Matt) took on my Sartarites and Sun Domers.

I had the Durulz Marsh Patrol on their Triceratops so I made sure there was a river but Tom and Matt then proceeded to avoid the river like the plague.

We ended up with a cramped battle which started well for the humans. Matt's Behemoth (Cragclimber the Giant) was deployed in Bad Going. A bunch of Lismelder boys with slings (Lurker) jumped Davidlike  out of the bushes and peppered the giant with stones. Startled he stepped backwards and squashed a nearby Zorak Zoran Death Lord (Hero).

In fact, death by recoiling behemoth was to be a greater threat to the survival of the non-human forces than any thing my armies were able to do directly. Note to Tom, don't send Behemoths into Bad Going with only one flank protected.

Troll squashing aside, though, it didn't go well for me. Tom's Morocanth Warbands cleaned my Sartarites from the rocky hill that formed my right flank and then swung round to take the Sun Domers in flank. I lost the Sartarite General and then immediately rolled 1 for PIPs so I could only retain a single element. For reasons of mythic appropriateness this just HAD to be the Humakti Duck standard guard.

The Sun Domers had meantime launched a trundling attack in the centre. They pushed back the Troll centre and caused enough casualties to the Rhino riders to demoralise the Praxians but this was too late. Without an element that could quick kill the Trolls' Warband General they were unable to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

This was the first time Tom and Matt had played for some time and the first time I'd run a big battle for years. Given that I'm quite pleased that we got through a 48AP a side game in about two, leisurely hours. The consensus was that we'd better do it again soon.            

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