Re: Lunar element's relation to others, especially Storm

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The Time rune was added and the Lunars represent this time rune. The Lunar phases are representative of the phases of time. And, as Orlanth conquered Yelm and Yelm conquered Ernalda and so on back to the Darkness, the Lunars must conquer Orlanth. They must right the wrong of unbridled freedom. The freedom to rape. The freedom to pillage. The freedom to deny freedom to others.

ie, there must be rules and the Lunars seek to enforce "order" aka the rules upon the Orlanthi. As is their nature, the Orlanthi seek to rebel.

Unfortunately, the Lunars are not perfect either. For he who makes the rules is generally above them. This has been exposed by Sheng Seleris - the new Painstar. The Empire is decadent. The rules don't apply to those who enforce them.

So a new thing must be created. And with each iteration, the Gods, the source of Chaos, magic, all those things, get further and further away from the mundane world. The last time, the Gods accepted the Compromise. The next time, as we've all read, the Gods are swallowed by Arachne's net. That includes Thed and her son, her pain, Wakboth.

For time heals all wounds.

So yes, by that definition of the cosmology, a Lune IS an elemental. A time elemental.            

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