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Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2008 22:03:49 -0000

> Time is connected to causality and I don't think there is one
single entity, even if the Lunar Pantheon is a powerful one indeed, that can be linked mutually to causality.
> Ciclicity and Balance are aspects of causality, but I don't think
they are so central in Gloranthan Time definition.
> I don't think that Lunar elementals can be defined as Time
elementals, either.
> Time is not eternally the same and eternally cicling as the Lunars
believe. Their sudden appearance in 1247 or so is a prove of that.
> Time is also connected to entropy, for example, so you could call
a Chaotic entity a 'Time elemental', applying the same inductive reasoning.
> But it would be wrong, in my opinion.
> Ciao,
> Gian

Actually, time is not connected to causality in Glorantha. Orlanth used the death rune on Yelm. This caused Yelm to die and go to the underworld. All the while Time did not yet exist. So during the God Time causality existed outside of time. In Gloranthan terms, time is something different from causality, which would maybe explain why the old myths can be changed with impunity on the God Plane. Time in Glorantha is definately, at this stage of Gloranthas development, a cyclicly natured thing.

In fact, that is the entire mythos of the Gloranthan universe in a nutshell. What I referred to as the iterations of Ouroborous. The dragon swallows its tail, is reborn, does so again. Grower and Maker add another rune, the world changes, new Gods rule, then they add another rune, the world changes again, and so on.

It's a cyclical universe.

Perhaps after another revolution or two of Glorantha's cycle, time will become linked to causality.

Something else, I've been trying to pin down who are the three new gods of this age. Each prior time Grower and Maker have added a new rune, the texts I've read stated emphatically that there were three major gods who ruled that era.

Arachne Solara would be one.

Anyways, back to the Lunes. The Red Moon creates Lunes, the Blue Moon creates Celenes, also referred to as an elemental.

They've always been elementals since the inception of the game. And the Lune Elemental has a madness attack because Time in Glorantha is more about the abstract concept of the void and all things being forgotten in time, than it is about what 20th century humans think of time as being. As in all thing Gloranthan, it's symbolic. An abstract thought like time is going to affect the mind. It will cause madness because it makes you forget who you are.

IMO it could lead to problems down the road of someones campaign if a Lune were anything other than an elemental.            

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