Re: model village Glorantha

From: Baron Greystone <baron_greystone_at_Y6vf80JdKwKdo-dZViYURjD-dDC1j8JOO0h1wheKkFsfXJCwJb7T7u9fLukl>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2008 21:59:17 -0800

Gloranthan game for the PC? Great news! I'll certainly buy it. Loved King of Dragon Pass, still play it every now and then. And if the game is set in Pavis or Prax, I promise to buy two copies for myself, and several more for gifts!

Hope it's not a FPS, these old reflexes are shot... RPG and turn-based strategy are my favorites!

Oh, and I wouldn't think a model of Pavis from a PC game would necessarily replace a stand-alone 3D model that I could use for table-top RPG'ing.            

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