Re: Second Age Pavis?

From: Lawrence Whitaker <lawrence.whitaker_at_sMdhkf5oBHbCqYlCcqh6m7jKAIiwnWc-f0Rom0e_MhRO7aEq9KaAIOmBK2>
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2008 15:46:58 +0000

There will also be a Mongoose book covering Second Age Pavis in the not too distant future, although I can't say precisely when it will appear.

2008/12/14 Evan Franke <>

> I know that the new center of Third Age Glorantha launching with Hero
> Quest 2 is going to be Pavis Centered materials, and also that
> Glorantha Second Age has focus mostly on lands further west, but it
> seems like it would be amazing to see Pavis during its power in the
> Second Age and particularly understand its relationship to the EWF
> better, particularly now that the EWF turns out to be really pretty
> creepy.
> Has anyone explored fan works of Second Age Pavis, and is there any
> hope to see some official publication?

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