Re: Second Age Pavis?

From: Keith Nellist <keithnellist_at_1-QzCHshD8QLvtjW7aHpOYaoEPVrEXNDoQejg6f-3zgLXg1JvFZ8tDZx7UBDW_z>
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 00:54:17 -0000

I'm sure it will be an excellent product. Unfortunately for me it is likely to have many much better ideas than I had when I ran a 2nd Age Pavis campaign (or it may contain worse ideas, in which case I'll be disappointed). I found it to be an excellent setting for adventure although I set my game earlier than the Mongoose books so far (ie 830 rather than 908) so I could feature Lord Pavis, King Joraz, Shelberis the Fair, Flintnail, (my version of) Labrygon, and a baby Thog-in-a-Cradle, in person.

I'm currently interested in a "Balastors Last Stand" game so I am interested to see what more esoteric backgroudn from any new sources I might include in that. I was going to feature Jordak the Fang (the vampire from Big Rubble) as one of Balastors companions and Zebra Cavalry Captain, but I might have to reconsider if more good stuff comes out of Mongoose.


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