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Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 13:22:08 GMT

In message <> Richard Hayes writes:

>Following on from John's mail, how do Clan and Tribal Rings function
>in Lunar Tarsh, where many people are said to be "Orlanthi without
>Orlanth", and where the Empire has had a bit longer to get its feet
>under the table?.
>We know that many farmers have used the cult of Barntar as a (permitted)
>Orlanth substitute, but what do the people who sit on the Clan/Tribal
>Councils do?

Tarsh in Flames covers this in detail. Briefly the Thunder Brothers exist as separate deities rather than Orlanth subcults. There are also some completely separate cults such as Alakoring Dar to replace Orlanth Dar.

>>--- On Mon, 15/12/08, John Machin <> wrote:

>I've been playing a game involving Lunars and people slowing converting
>to the Lunar Way that has recently moved to Dragon Pass. In typical
>fashion they are getting tied up in local issues and as a consequence
>I've been trying to find out about the politics of Lunarised clans/tribes
>in Dragon Pass.
>First, I've been curious about whether there are any alternatives to
>Orlanth for male leaders? Elmal seems likely and I have read about
>Humakti leaders, but are there any Lunar immortals that male leaders
>can worship in order to gain authority-magic? I'm particularly
>interested in immortals that may appeal to Lunarised Sartarites.

The Bloodstorm Bandwa in Champions of the Reaching Moon gives some ideas. I'd expect Tarsh to have produced a Lunar immortal leader of some sort by now. Most cultures incorporated into the empire have done so although it's a bit early for the Sartarites. Either Tarsh has done so but the cult hasn't been published or for some reason no Tarshite has achieved Lunar immortality

>Second, what do Lunarised clan and tribal rings look like? The examples
>of rings in Barbarian Adventures (thanks John H.!) all involve Orlanth
>and Storm Tribe deities - I had wondered if anyone had come up with a
>ring that mixed immortals and deities - and maybe some myths to back
>it up? We have a foreign (Holayan) Earth Queen priestess in our game
>who is looking into new clan and tribal rites to create chieftains
>and kings, but I'd like to know if anyone has tread this ground before.

One point about clan and tribal rings is that the position of Orlanth on a ring doesn't have to be filled by a follower of Orlanth. There are problems with someone else due to them being poor at filling the role in myths.

I would suggest that a Holayan priestess would try to change the rings to Earth rings. That's closest to what she knows and within the Sartarite's experience. A Tarshite would probably place a follower of Alakoring Dar in Orlanth's position. While a Lunar missionary would see no problems with a Seven Mothers follower taking the position.

>Third, how closely linked to Orlanth is the figure of Sartar? Would
>Lunars try and co-opt him in some way? Could they?

They do this through Temertain, not entirely successfully.

Donald Oddy


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