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>First, I've been curious about whether there are any alternatives to Orlanth
>for male leaders? Elmal seems likely and I have read about Humakti leaders,

Elmal had a ruling subcult in Storm Tribe, Argan Argar is popular among the Torkani but the unwritten code of Orlanthi leadership is that chiefs can worship whatever cult they want, even if there is no leadership aspect, relying instead on their own personality. The only requirement is that they be badass.

>but are there any Lunar immortals that male leaders can worship in order to
>gain authority-magic? I'm particularly interested in immortals that may
>appeal to Lunarised Sartarites.

There is no Lunar leadership role and so the Lunars rule through other social models (Dara Happan, Pelandan, Darjiin etc). Dara Happa is popular due to its axiom that authority descends from the above but other modes of rule are less antagonizing to the ruled.

>Second, what do Lunarised clan and tribal rings look like? The examples of
>rings in Barbarian Adventures (thanks John H.!) all involve Orlanth and
>Storm Tribe deities - I had wondered if anyone had come up with a ring that
>mixed immortals and deities - and maybe some myths to back it up?

The chief way in which the Lunars could participate in an Orlanthi Ring is through the myths of Honeel. She taught that She Who Waits (an obscure title of Ernalda and also one of the lightbringers in an variant version of the myth) was actually one of the Seven Mothers and so her cult can participate in the Ring via this myth (I doubt that any initiate to Orlanth can remain on the Ring in the event).

Another alternative is to follow the Talastari rites of appeasing Chaos which was originally created to allow the Talastari to appease Dorastor but can also be adapted to appeasing the Lunars.

>Third, how closely linked to Orlanth is the figure of Sartar? Would Lunars
>try and co-opt him in some way? Could they?

The Lunars have suppressed the rites to the cult of Sartar and have given off pieces of the kingdom to others. They could co-opt Sartar if they wanted to but they chose not to.

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