Heroquests for the Unholy Trio

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I just finished up a campaign for Glorantha and now my players want to play the bad guys. In the original campaign, they accidentally freed a God Learner whose ghost was entombed in Fedora. He possessed a body and walked Glorantha again. He became what I refer to as "neo-Ragnaglar". An ongoing NPC who greatly influenced the rest of the campaign.

By that term, I mean that in the campaign, Argrath acts pretty much as "neo-Orlanth". He heroquests Orlanths great deeds, though doing them differently, and this age of Glorantha then goes through its cycle accordingly.

Well, if there is a neo-Orlanth then it stood to reason there would be a neo-Unholy Trio (or The NUT, as I referred to them as) and following the lead of Ron Edwards excellent "Redeeming Thed, Goddess of Rape" ideas, I added the theme to my campaign of Orlanthi injustice being the reason for the Storm Ages ending. Subthemes included humiliation and revenge stemming from injustice.

So I had this God Learner, who was dead, a ghost, so he perfectly expemplified Ragnaglar, who was also dead, he's been damned to remain stuck in the dark Pit of Fedora until he escapes, much like Ragnaglar escapes the Sex Pits, and so he becomes the neo-Ragnaglar and he's crazy, but crazy in a way that isn't obvious. He's become a sociopath, intent upon revenge for being entombed for centuries in Fedora. He intends to end the world for having imprisoned him for centuries.

So his first act is to rape a young girl named Muriah - yes, THAT Muriah - I tweaked the Borderlands campaign so that it wasn't 20 years since Muriah left, but only a short while ago, having been shunned by the villagers of Weis after her rape. This act helps him to recruit Muriah as his "neo-Thed" and the campaing takes off from there with Muriah and the God Learner as recurring foes for my PC's.

So now my play group want a redo of the campaign and they want to BE the dead God Learner and Muriah. My problem is the dearth of Heroquest material other than what I manufactured for our original campaign (the rape of Thed, the Court of Orlanth, the breaking of Subere's secret door to Chaos (Journey to the Fountain of Chaos) and the Birth of Wakboth) and while those are all very monumental, they were played from the PC's perspective - being sucked into them indirectly. They weren't actual HQ's for the PC's.

Anyone have any ideas for source materials on these subjects? I have searched the internet and all my books but can't find anything more than I already know.

Oh, and I've found NOTHING to do with HQ's for Malia.

One other thing, I've found contradictory sources that say Wakboth slew his own father and that Storm Bull slew Ragnaglar. In my campaign, the God Learner is already dead, but the permanent death they speak of could only have come from annihilation by Chaos so in my origninal campaign he ultimately was destroyed when he was flung into the Fountain of Chaos at the bottom of the underworld. Storm Bulls claims turned out to be false bravado. But since I tend to try to be a perfectionist, which one killed him?            

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